ABOUT ME & Other Things

WHO?  I am just a girl, holding a saw, hoping I can use it to turn some wood into something functional. I was once a math teacher in Florida but, as it turns out, woodworking in Philadelphia is the kind of applied math in a colder climate I was looking for.

WHAT? I design, build, and finish furniture (and anything else I find interesting) from local Pennsylvania hardwoods. I showcase the material and joinery as the primary design details in my work. I still love to teach. I have been designing and teaching long and short form woodworking courses for nearly 1o years.

WHERE? I live and work in Philadelphia, PA. I do love a chance to take a trip to teach a class or schedule a delivery out of state!

HOW? WHY? I learned this craft beginning with an apprenticeship under a master woodworker, Jeffry Lohr. I have been trained in traditional furniture-making with a deep appreciation for the material and wood science. I love to design things that showcase the properties, figure, and colors of hardwoods. My background in math often shines through in fun angles or repeating patterns in my work.


Part-Owner, Woodworker, & Instructor,  Lohr Woodworking

Limerick, PA — 2012-2021

Instructor & Pit Crew Member, A Workshop of Our Own
Baltimore, MD - 2020-2022

Instructor of Spiral Sprout Box Class, Goggleworks

Reading, PA - 2022

Wharton Esherick Museum
Malvern, PA - Jan 2022 - Present